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This is more than a digital retail location, this is an artist's bread and heartbeat.  Every visit to our site, every share on social media, and every purchase helps  support an independent artist. please enjoy a warm reception as you explore our collection of hand-crafted goods and services available.   

White Structure

Any-Wear Hand-crafted Costuming

Have you been dream-engineering that once-in-a-lifetime, mystical protective talisman, or custom crafted costume to complete your wardrobe?  The creative mind behind Wind Weaving Designs, Lauraye White, encourages her clients to become a part of the creative process rather than just an observer or a consumer. She recognizes that the relationship between her artwork and her audience is much more than just that of an observer and an object, there is a mutual affect upon one another.

These collaborative designs are some of Lauraye's favorite projects to work on because it offers an opportunity for her to connect directly with her client bringing a shared vision into existence.  The artwork begins a life of its own as a treasured part of her customer's wardrobe. Lauraye's aim is to bring forward the essence of her customer's spirit and allow these garments to highlight that essence - hopefully for generations to come. 

Art is alive,         

there's magic in   

the seldom seen,  

     the in~between.  

Artists work to bring

the gift of perspective  

a view of this life through their lens



-Lauraye White

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