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Legacy Cloak

The bride to be reached out with a proposal and request that I couldn't possibly deny -

presented with the honor of recycling a cascading white silk family heirloom, spanning now three generations of women,  I agreed to creating this unmatched custom-fit garment. I recognized the challenge I was up against with the necessity of learning new techniques and working within the limitation of this gorgeous, irreplaceable, material.

The collaboration required to bring 

this dream to life was extensive and emotional to say the least.  Julianne and I not only teamed up on the design but also worked together to do the honors of dyeing  her Grandmother's silk wedding gown.  This gown was worn by Julianne's mother, Sue Ellen,  and passed down to Julianne to do with whatever she so wished.  We started by choosing materials and color palette, and she described what type of cut she was hoping to achieve.  We then dyed the fabric together after she did the honors of detaching the huge skirt train from the bodice.  Julianne also created a decorative shadow box, with related keepsakes and memorabilia, to display the upper potion of the original wedding gown.  This process was so much more than just creating a fashionable relic - it was an opportunity to be included in a family's tradition, the continuation, rejuvenation,  and passing of a time capsule.  She says it will be cherished as her special occasion jacket for many years to come.

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