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Lauraye White
Wind Weaving Designs LC

It's a one woman show, from inspiration to fabrication, the owner and artist behind Wind Weaving Designs, miss Lauraye White is determined to grow!  Since it's establishment in 2018, on Martha's Vineyard, this business has been Lauraye's artistic outlet to the world, allowing her to do what she loves to earn a living and establish her foundation as an independent artist and craftsperson.  It's no joke when people tell you that being an artist professionally isn't for the faint of heart or the easily discouraged.  Few find a way to translate that struggle into fuel for future creative endeavors, few recognize the worth of art that's "just for fun"- art for and from the heart. Since she was very young she has been marinated in many aspects of the creative arts, a mind full of dreams and ambitions, with a rekindled dedication to back it up.  

The Artist Behind Wind Weaving Designs

Lauraye White is a multi-media collage artist, a writer, craftsperson, and generally creative mind.  She hails from Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, where she currently resides and runs her small business.  After high school on the Vineyard she attended Mass College of Art in Boston.  While at MassArt she studied as a part of the Studio For Interrelated Media with a strong focus in small metals sculpture, jewelry making, web design and graphic design.

After spending many years working in the food industry Lauraye decided to create her own small business and work for herself as a freelance web designer, jeweler, and independent contractor. She's continuing to learn new techniques and grow her list of skillsets, ever a student, ever eager to learn.

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